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Aseginolaza & Leunda are Jon and Pedro, two school friends of the 1979 vintage from the Basque Country currently living in Navarra. We are environmental biologist but have become crazy about one thing: old vine Grenache!
Once we have found ancient –and often forsaken– unirrigated, bush-vines, we set about rehabilitating the vineyard without recourse to either herbicides or to systemic pesticides. Our philosophy is equally simple: maximum respect for the environment combined with minimal intervention in the winery.

Maximum respect for the environment

We love old vines, trained in the traditional bush-like shape. From pruning to harvest, all the tasks are made by hand. We are committed to minimize our environmental impact and respect for the soil, the flora and the fauna. Therefore, our vineyards are not irrigated and we fertilize only with organic compost. We reject the use of herbicides or systemic pesticides. This is our contribution to the social heritage that old vineyards represent.

Minimal intervention in the winery

The grapes are harvested by hand and transported in 15-20 kilo boxes. Fermentation occurs spontaneously with indigenous yeasts and the cap is manually plunged every day. For fermentation we use stainless steel vessels but all our wines are aged in old French oak barrels. The aging length is decided by tasting –no rules!–, a result of the conversation between the wine and the barrel. Our wines are bottled without stabilization or filtration, so the wine is clarified by natural decantation. The only ingredients of the our wines are: fermented grape juice and a minimum dosage of sulphur.

Artisan Wines

Youthful expression of old Grenache

Gentle voices of a forgotten terroir

Taming the whole bunch fermentation

Rosé essence of Grenache

Our interpretation of Navarra Grenache

Grenache from our coldest terroirs

Valdizarbe village Grenache

Aseginolaza & Leunda Camino de Santa Zita

San Martín de Unx single-plot Grenache

Aseginolaza & Leunda Camino de Otsaka

Valdorba single-plot Grenache

Aseginolaza & Leunda Camino de La Torraza

Ebro terraces single-plot Mazuelo and Grenache

…and the “Beltza Label” series

"Aseginolaza & Leunda is an exciting, brand-new name in Navarra, if difficult to memorize and pronounce."
The Wine Advocate | Issue 248 End of April 2020

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